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◈ Our Team ◈

We combined our respective qualities and our passion in real estate to form a strong team: Fred Fortier, Stéphanie Côté and Madyson St-Amour-Grenier.

Choose a young, dynamic and accessible team that will follow you throughout your process!



◈ Fred Fortier ◈

Versatile, passionate and involved, Fred loves warm beaches for surfing as well as snowy rockies for skiing. This is what led him to be a real estate broker for Royal Lepage Humania for almost 10 years. Indeed, while working as a ski instructor in Vail, Colorado, he was offered a referencing agreement that he could not refuse. He visits many prestigious chalets for which he quickly falls in love himself and it is only then that he understands the essence of this profession: it is not simply a question of presenting houses, but rather a quality of life. Combining professionalism and dynamism, Fred quickly becomes motivated to use his creativity to make owners meet.

A native of Saint-Agathe and wishing to rediscover the life of the mountains and the outdoors, he returned to the Laurentians. Since then, Fred has given his time and energy to get involved in his community, both at work and for his region. He is in the Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Grand-Saint-Agathe as well as for the Quebec Brokers' Trade Group, where he is very proud to represent the Laurentians. On the other hand, as he is now a real estate enthusiast, he does not stop at residential and offers his services to commercial, industrial and even for income buildings.

Fred's journey proves to him that professions and passions dedicated to us come without warning and at the most favourable time.



◈ Stéphanie Côté ◈

Stephanie is looking for challenges in both her personal and professional life. It is for this reason that she has an active daily life, jumping on every opportunity to surpass herself in everything she undertakes in life in general. As a real estate broker, it is also this spirit of self-challenge that motivates her to give her best to her clients. her main objective is that they receive optimal service and efficient tools for carrying out their projects.

Herself has tools that serve her every day in her field. Stephanie is very good at advising on the management of an income property since she owns it herself. In fact, having studied finance and accounting, she has an important knowledge base about the profitability of an investment.

Above all, Stephanie is 100% involved as a real estate broker as well as for her community. She organizes volunteering for "La Bonne Soupe" in Sainte-Agathe to help people in need.

By choosing a profession that she is passionate about and actively involved in everyday life, Stephanie has found what reflects her to make it a good fuel. Now trust her to find a home that will perfectly reflect you!



◈ Madyson St-Amour Grenier ◈

Organized, perfectionist and reliable, Madyson has all the abilities to work in real estate. While waiting to join the Fred Fortier team as a real estate broker, she puts all her qualities to good use as a coordinator. Indeed, her talent for structuring well and the expertise she accumulates through her complementary courses are paramount to the team. In fact, his previous sales and interior design courses will eventually serve her in the field, allowing her to have a global idea of the visual aspect of a house while knowing how to balance with the needs of buyers.

Madyson always goes to the end of everything, and this, at the height of her abilities. It is also what she will do to become an excellent real estate broker, a profession that really motivates her. Like her colleagues, she likes to get involved and that is why she participates in the distribution of "La Bonne Soupe" in Sainte-Agathe for the neediest.

Impatient to start, Madyson is already gaining experience as a coordinator. Once the curtain is raised, she will surely become a creator of happy projects.